Pilates exercises are usually performed only for a low number of repetitions as the focus is always on quality, not quantity. As you master each exercise, you will be learning a new movement skill. When ready, you can then add more challenging exercises to your programme. These will build muscular endurance and stamina into your [...]

Flowing movements

Pilates movements are controlled, graceful and flowing, lengthening outwards from a strong centre. Efficiency and fluidity are pivotal to performing the exercises correctly. You will be taught how to articulate your spine through flexion, extension, side flexion and rotation, learning how to move the spine bone by bone. Similarly, you will be mobilising your joints, [...]


Each movement involved in a Pilates exercise should be performed purposefully with control. Through focusing on the quality and detail of each movement that makes up an exercise, coordination, control, mobility, strength and the overall efficiency of the whole body are improved more effectively.


Depending on your school of Pilates, this may be referred to as ‘core stability’ or ‘using the powerhouse’. Pilates focuses on maintaining support and control of the body as movement takes place. It does so by encouraging the recruitment of deep core muscles that help to control and stabilise movement. Staying centred involves using appropriate [...]


Breath is the essence of life itself. It is a movement process in its own right and therefore has great bearing on the efficiency of each movement performed. Synchronising the breath to movements is a key part of Pilates. Like any other movement in Pilates, we are looking for precision and efficiency. Breathing is no [...]


Correct alignment at the start of and throughout the movement is absolutely essential. By correctly aligning the body and bringing the joints and soft tissue into their natural neutral zones, sound recruitment patterns are encouraged and the joints remain healthy. This precision of movement is the key to good Pilates practice.


Relaxation of the mind and the body is an essential part of any Pilates session. Focusing on releasing areas of tension within the body before, and during, each exercise is important as it allows constructive change to occur. As you focus completely on your movements, your mind feels relaxed and free from stress. It is [...]


Thoughtful awareness of your whole body while you are performing the movements is key. In order to bring about change to the way you move, the body and mind need to work together. Pilates will help you to develop greater body awareness and control, through concentration and focus on the detail and precision of the [...]


– Joseph Pilates –

A Warm



Welcome to Woo Pilates.

I am Wendy Collings, Owner & Director of Woo Pilates. I am a qualified Body Control Pilates Instructor and Reiki Master based in Bishop Stortford. I have a passion for improving both the mind and the body.

I started practicing Pilates in 2010 after my first daughter was born. During my pregnancy I suffered with lower back pain and symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) also referred to as Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP), where the pubis symphysis (joint between the two halves of the pelvis) increased too much and caused pain, instability and limitation of mobility and functioning in the three pelvic joints.

The birth of my first daughter was quite traumatic and left me with further pelvic damage. Just over a year later and during my second pregnancy, I was involved in a 4 way car accident which left me with chronic lower back pain and whiplash. Luckily and with the help of my Pilates practise, I went on to have a very quick and enjoyable birth with my second daughter.

I’m currently on maternity leave until April 2019 with my third baby girl – my family is definitely now complete!

Along with being genetically hyper-mobile, I realised that Pilates is something I needed to continue with on a regular basis for the rest of my life. Gone are the painkillers and most of my discomfort – my strong core now protects my back and I have learnt how to keep my hyper-mobile joints within normal range of movement, to help prevent injuries. At the end of 2012, I knew that if I could help myself, then I could also help other people through experience from my own journey. I left my sales career in London behind and trained for 12 months with The Body Control Pilates Association to become a level 3 Pilates Teacher. It was the best move I ever made!

Pilates in Hertfordshire

There is a team of highly qualified teachers who now work at Woo and between us, we offer Pilates classes and Privates – Monday to Saturday.

You can book and pay for your classes through Teamup. Keep reading for the membership options and prices.

I like to encourage and help my clients to improve their body awareness and alignment and enjoy creating personalised programs to help each client reach their full potential in the class and then carry over those skills to everyday activities and sports.

Since qualifying, I have completed, amongst others, the following workshops with Body Control Pilates – Pregnancy Ante & Postnatal Pilates, various small equipment workshops, Intermediate Pilates, Movement, Adaptions, Childrens Foundation Course, Teaching Children 5-11 years, Pilates for the Older Person, Pilates for Scoliosis, Pilates for Bone Health (Osteoporosis). There will soon be a section on this website that will give you more information on each of the teachers.


We also now have Iyengar Yoga classes twice weekly at Woo. You can use your memberships for these classes too.

Love Pilates, Love Life

Now I’m free from the pain and stress my old body used to give me, this is exactly how I feel! My two daughters love that I can once again pick them up and hold them in my arms without wincing.

The Teachers

We have a team of dedicated pilates, reflexology, acupuncture, reiki and yoga instructors here at Woo Pilates – to learn more about them click the button below.


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