Woo Pilates – Terms & Conditions & Information

The terms and conditions below are set out to help you enjoy and benefit from your Body Control Pilates classes.

You must create an keep up-to-date, an account with Teamup. You must complete the health screening questionnaires and update these whenever something changes in your health. You must also complete the contact info and emergency contact info.

Classes start on time so out of consideration for the teacher and other class members, please arrive five minutes before your class starts. The warm-up is an important aspect of each class and essential for your own safety.

All equipment is provided, including Mats.

Wear something comfortable and something that the instructor can see your body without too many distractions – eg: leggings and a top, tracksuits bottoms and a T-shirt, shorts (just make sure if they are baggy, your not indecent underneath! J) – Not skirts and please don’t wear restrictive jeans.

Socks or barefoot, but please cover your feet if you have any verruca’s or any other contagious condition)

Unless it is an emergency, please have your phone on silent and if you do have to make a call or text, please do so outside of the studio. All calls should be taken in Reception rather than outside the studio door, so that the treatment rooms are not disturbed.

Please bring some water to Pilates in case you need a drink.

Shoes go downstairs in reception  on the shoe rack or next to it and coats can either hang outside the Studio door, or be placed inside one of the cubby holes, with your bag in the studio.

We have Therapy rooms at Woo, Counseling (downstairs on a Friday) Acupuncture (Upstairs) & Reiki/Reflexology/Massage/Guided Meditation (Upstairs),  So please can I ask  you to be respectful of those using the rooms and save the natter for downstairs or outside the building , so that you don’t interrupt their treatments.

If you make a mess, please could I ask you to put any rubbish in one of the bins provided or take it with you.

The address for the studio is 19b North Street, Sworders Yard, Bishops Stortford, Herts, CM23 2LD – we are situated behind Savills Estate Agents and Cote Restaurant.  Please use the public carparks located at The Causeway, Multi-story, Basbow Lane or Apton Road or after 1830, you can also park in North Street. The car park in Sworders Yard is only for the companies and their staff of Sworders Yard. 

Membership (Pricing) for Pilates & Yoga

There are several different options for paying for classes:

  • Monthly for 1, 2 or 3 classes per week (£11.70 Per Class for 1) (£10 per Class for 2) (£8.40 Per Class)
  • For a flexible 3 class pass – 2 Month Validity (£14.66 Per Class)
  • For a flexible 6 class pass – 2 Month Validity (£13.33 Per Class)
  • For a flexible 12 class pass – 5 Month Validity (£12.50 Per Class)
  • Each Class Individually (£16 Per Class)
  • U3A Pilates Membership (please contact myself or the U3A for details on this)

1) Monthly:

T&C’s – Must give one months’ cancellation notice. Once notice has been given, I will work out how many classes have been used against how much has been paid. If too many have been taken v’s payments made, the difference will be taken as a final payment. Any outstanding classes will have 1 months’ validity. Payment is via Direct Debit.

1 Class per week (40 Term Time classes per year) Pilates or Yoga = £39 per month, 12 months a year (£11.70 per class)

Link to book this membership:


2 Classes per week (80 Term Time classes per year) Pilates or Yoga = £67 per month, 12 months a year (£10 per class)

Link to book this membership:


3 Classes per week (120 Term Time classes per year) Pilates or Yoga = £84 per month, 12 months a year (£8.40 per class)

Link to book this membership:


2) If you want to just book a few classes, you can also use the 3 x class flexible option. This membership is a one off payment of £44 (£14.66 per class) and has a 2 month validity.


3) Still keeping the flexibility but with more classes within the 2 month period, you could use the 6 x class flexible option. This membership is a one off payment of £80 (£13.33 per class) and has a 2 month validity.


4) Best Value PAYG  is the 12 x class flexible option. This membership is a one off payment of £150 (£12.50 per class) and has a 5 month validity.


5) If you want to PAYG for individual classes, the cost is £16 and you pay as you enrol for each class through Teamup – just go through to schedule to sign up.

Payment for classes is via GoCardless through your Teamup account only, this is a direct debit setup that is useable for either Recurring payments, Ad-Hoc payments or both.

Payment for privates or any of the treatments offered at Woo is payable directly to the teacher or therapist.

Refunds are not available on any unused classes or memberships


Currently we have classes on the following days and levels. All class are 1 hour long, except Yoga, which is 1hr 15 mins.

Iyengar Yoga 0915 Mondays and Fridays 1pm (starting Feb 2018) (All levels welcome inc Beginners) there is also a private Yoga class available through Adrienne on a Monday evening, please contact her directly for this.

Beginners – Improvers: Saturdays 1040 & Wednesdays 2010

Improvers: Tuesday 0930, Wednesdays 0915 & Saturdays 0930

Intermediate: Tuesdays 2010, Wednesdays 1020, Thursdays 2010, Fridays 1020

Higher Intermediate: Tuesdays 1905, Thursdays 0930 & 1905, Fridays 0915.

Mixed Ability: Mondays 1045 Tuesdays 1800 & Thursdays 1040

U3A: Tuesdays 1035, Wednesdays 1125 


Monday Iyengar Yoga – Adrienne Bagnall

Friday Iyegngar Yoga – Sharon Whiteley

Tuesday & Friday AM Pilates – Donna Millard (Pilates Teacher with APPI & Physiotherapist) (Wendy Collings takes over these classes from Easter 2019)

Tuesday & Thursday PM Classes – Heather Oakes (Pilates Teacher, qualified in 2002, tutoring Pilates Teachers in Future Fit Pilates since 2007)

Wednesday AM Pilates – Natalie Howlett (Pilates Teacher, qualified with Future Fit and currently taking Level 4 with Body Control Pilates)

Monday AM, Thursday AM & Saturday AM Pilates – Claire Crowley (Pilates Teacher with APPI & Physiotherapist)

Wednesday PM & Thursday PM Pilates – Beverley Nicholas – Pilates Institute Teacher (Wendy Collings takes over Wednesday PM from Easter 2019)

I also have various cover teachers working at Woo – Emma (Pilates Teacher with APPI & Physiotherapist)  & Marjan (Body Control Pilates Teacher) & Sam (Pilates Institute Teacher) Tracey (Yoga and Pilates Teacher)

Private Classes:

1-2-1’s and small private classes are available (just send me an email for this) For a 1-2-1, they would be £50 for an hour and are subject to availability. Small Private classes would be more, dependent on amount of people. Fee is paid directly to the teacher. 24 hours cancellation notice is required or payment will be chargeable.

Booking Your Classes:

If you are attending a regular class, you should use the recurring booking to book yourself onto the same class every term time week of the year. This will guarantee your space on the class.

Use this link for instructions:


If you wish to book each class week by week, you do this via schedule:


Cancelling & Making Up missed classes:

If you cannot attend any Yoga & Pilates classes, you should cancel any classes you cannot make through your Teamup account, if you cancel with at least 12 hours notice, you can use this as a make up class and book onto another class of your choice (with the monthly memberships, you have a year to do this from the date your membership started, other memberships will be restricted to the term or the 2 month validity). This option is only not available if you have purchased a one off class.  Use the schedule link above to book a make up class, once the other class has been cancelled. You can do this up to a year in advance.

Use the link below for instructions on how to cancel a class


2019 Term Weeks

Classes are during Term Weeks. Occasionally there maybe additional classes that are ran outside of these weeks (subject to demand). The recurring membership price does not cover any holiday classes, nor can any make-up classes be used over the holiday classes.

  • January 7th2019
  • January 14th2019
  • January 21st2019
  • January 28th2019
  • February 4th2019
  • February 11th2019

February 18th2019 (Holiday Classes Might be Available outside of Membership)

  • February 25th2019
  • March 4th2019
  • March 11th2019
  • March 18th2019
  • March 25th2019
  • April 1st 2019

April 8th 2019 (Holiday Classes)

April 16th  2019 (Holiday Classes)

  • April 22nd 2019
  • April 29th 2019
  • May 6th2019
  • May 13th2019
  • May 20th2019

May 27th2018 (Holiday Classes)

  • June 3rd2019
  • June 10th2019
  • June 17th2019
  • June 24th2019
  • July 1st2019
  • July 8th2019
  • July 15th2019
  • July 22nd2019

July 29th2019 (Holiday Classes Might be Available outside of Membership)

August 5th2019 (Holiday Classes Might be Available outside of Membership)

August 12th2019 (Holiday Classes Might be Available outside of Membership))

August 19th2019 (Holiday Classes Might be Available outside of Membership)

August 26th2019 (Holiday Classes Might be Available outside of Membership)

  • September 2nd2019
  • September 9th2019
  • September 16th2019
  • September 23rd2019
  • September 30th2019
  • October 7th2019
  • October 14th2019
  • October 21st2019

October 28th2019 (Holiday Classes Might be Available outside of Membership)

  • November 4th2019
  • November 11th2019
  • November 18th2019
  • November 25th2019
  • December 2nd2019
  • December 9th2019
  • December 16th2019

December 23rd2019 (Holiday Classes Might be Available outside of Membership)

December 31st2019 (Holiday Classes Might be Available outside of Membership)